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Baby moon in Central Coast, CA

One more trip where it's just mom and dad.

Off to celebrate the arrival of our baby boy and last trip where its just the two of us, well three including Buddha (our fur baby). Pismo beach has been one of our favorite destinations on the California coast ever since we met 7 years ago. During this time we were so limited on travel destinations, so we decided to take a trip to our favorite beach and resort. We'll keep the details a secret.. just kidding, it's The Cliffs Resort & Spa. We had such a great time, Pismo Beach is such a beautiful little beach town, ocean views at every turn and the food is amazing, one of the best clam chowders mama has ever had! Baby Asher seemed to love the clam chowder just as much as I did since it's literally all we wanted to eat during our trip. We ordered lots of take out and enjoyed it on our ocean front balcony. We loved watching the sun rise and set, especially being soothed to sleep with the sound of the ocean right outside our room, and feeling baby Asher move around in my belly more than ever before. I think baby was just as excited as we were in that beautiful quaint beach town. I'm still craving all the yummy food we enjoyed during our stay; BBQ, that Clam Chowder in a bread bowl, cinnamon rolls and TACOS with home made fresh tortillas!! YUM!

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Aug 09, 2020

What a beautiful blog post and photo! 😉 I can’t wait to see all the adventures my Godson gets to go on and shares on this blog. 💙

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