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Dad takes on the nursery mural.

It’s not everyday that I would take on a paint project head on. If there’s ever a right time, I think it’s safe to say the time is now! So I decided to do something personal and meaningful for my son’s room. Here we are, Picasso dad is set to be up all night to complete this masterpiece, lol. I started Sunday evening and finished around 2am on Monday morning. Yea it was a long night, but it was well worth it. The project started off with me spilling the white paint all over myself including my bare feet before the actual painting had even started! I quickly hopped in the shower quietly not alerting the wife to wash up just to get back to the job. As the evening passed and midnight struck, it wouldn’t be a great end to the project without a final blooper. Right as I was finishing the last touch up at about 1 am; I stood up, stepped back and BAM! Foot again full of paint as I stepped on the paint container cap. Whew! I hope Asher enjoys the mural in his room, I can’t wait to share the funny process with him!

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