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LA Family surprised us with a Baby Shower!

Words cannot express the love and gratitude that we feel in our hearts. We went to our LA family’s home to find that the backyard had been turned into a magical beautiful safari for baby Asher Levi!! I cried for the first half hour because my heart felt overwhelmed with so much love & gratitude. My oldest sister Sonia has been here from El Salvador away from her family since April and she worked so hard to decorate and make every single detail so beautiful and special for us! My sister Dinora also surprised me and flew in from Utah! I even got to see my cousins from the valley whom I hadn’t seen in about five years! We laughed all day in my mama Nena’s beautiful garden, under her passion fruit tree vines. It was so amazing to be around my beautiful sisters, brothers, nieces & nephews; this baby boy is already so loved and we couldn’t be more grateful and happy!

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